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Who We Are

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Falcon Logic Value Added Applications

Our Value Proposition: For organizations who require innovative applications, the Falcon Logic noNet app is a development architecture that enables your workforce to continue operation even when network connectivity issues exist. Unlike traditional architectures that require every interaction with your application to have an always on network connection, Falcon is changing the rules.

Network connections are not always reliable.  Your applications should be.

We build cache based apps that do not require always on network connectivity and operate through microservices that scale in the cloud.

3 key design principles:
1) noNet App: Falcon noNet App solutions center on a cache based local storage mechanism enabling your workforce to collaborate then sync cached data when network connections become available.

2) DataSync: Our low-high blockchain based data sync service enables data from theater to overhead based assets to be synchronized across multi-INT environments for critical decision making. 

3) Mono to Micro:  our design breaks down the traditional monolith into smaller microservices orchestrated through containers to enable scale on cloud infrastructures.

We are changing the rules on how application data is created, viewed, and shared among analyst groups.

What sets us apart? 
Falcon is  unique because we are lead by technologist.  It means our hiring decisions, product selection, process and practices are lead by software developers with over 20 years experience in the field.  Falcon is a software firm run by software engineers.  Would you hire a construction firm run by a tax accountant?

We are not a staffing firm.  We deliver software.  Our MD customer required an application capable of map annotations without network connectivity.  Our rapid delivery process delivered working capability within 3 mos.  Software development doesn’t have to be a laborious, tedious, process. Find out how Falcon makes software fun.

Birds of A Feather

A successful company’s biggest obstacle is retaining the right talent with the right skill sets in the constantly evolving technology field. We have created a unique fun filled culture that not only retains and attracts the industries top talent but it also fosters our award winning creativity. 

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Company History
Falcon Logic is a Women Minority Owned small business established in 2009 and SBA 8(a) certified through 2028. As a ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified firm, Falcon Logic has delivered cloud/web based applications, microservices, scanning applications, e-learning solutions, and mobile solutions for over a decade.  Our cleared software development professionals serve the nation's top commercial, federal, and Intelligence Community clients.  

Falcon Logic LLC (“Falcon Logic”) was founded with two intertwined principles in mind: 

1) To build a fast-growing, profitable organization that delivers mission critical solutions; and 

2) To do so with a dynamic and fun group of people working towards this goal. 

Falcons are known for their incredible hunting skills (in code) and being a ruthless, dominant predator within their environment (in code).

Logic a set of instructions in a computer or electronic device so as to perform a specified task.

Vision: Falcon Logic will provide an unparalleled experience as the most desirable employer of software development and technology professionals

Mission: Through continuous development, professionalism, integrity and commitment to our clients; Our mission is to deliver innovative software solutions with a team that is proud of the quality of their creations.

Culture: As a technology driven company, Falcon Logic places a high value on technical competence and project performance.  Falcon Logic places an equal, if not greater, focus on the "intangibles" that truly make an organization great. Things such as positive attitude, leadership, and teamwork are core to Falcon Logic’s philosophy and culture. 

Falcons fly by a core set of values:

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