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cutting edge software developers

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A successful company’s biggest obstacle is retaining the right talent with the right skill sets in the constantly evolving technology field. We have created a unique fun filled culture that not only retains and attracts the industries top talent but it also fosters our award winning creativity. 

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Company History Falcon Logic is a Washington DC Area local firm established in 2009.  After experiencing the difficulties of working with local software engineers, the group discovered the dire need of businesses to have a resource that could make the art of developing software an enjoyable experience.  They knew that the process could be an experience that didn’t actually create a client more work and could in fact encourage creativity and innovation if approached in the right way.  The spirit of Falcon Logic is not only to deliver quality software, but to be realistic and honest with its costs, expectations, and most importantly have a good time during the process.  We provide service with a smile and a development process (FULCRUM) that sparks creativity in our clients and doesn’t mire them down with additional work.  The benefits of this approach have proven very fruitful.  Our business continually grows primarily through referrals.

Mission Through continuous development, professionalism, integrity and commitment to our clients; our mission is to deliver software solutions with a smile while building creative applications our clients can be proud of. 

Falcons are known for their incredible hunting skills (in code) and being a ruthless, dominant predator within their environment (in code).
Logic a set of instructions in a computer or electronic device so as to perform a specified task.

We appreciate our achieved success, never forget our roots and morals, and always act with integrity and excellence.  We will expand our team when appropriate and we will never over work our team members. We will maintain a fun productive work environment, meet interesting people, travel to incredible places, and quote a lot of movies. "Yo Adrian!"

What Sets Us Apart?

Why Us?  We grew up in the Commercial world before we were re-born into the Federal World.   Because of this, we bring value based highly technical solutions that meet the demands of the commercial world to the Federal Space. 

When your contractor says NO - We say YES we can.  We often deliver services others say are impossible in the government space. 

We love a challenge.  In a new budget conscious government, our capabilities are highly desired.  We are delivering capabilities in the Federal space and saving tax payers money.  We are creating efficientcies where once it was thought there were none.  Doing more with less - Yeah we can do that.

Geeks with a personality - Our Client interactions offer a more productive and enjoyable experience in customer relationship management. Clients look forward to the prospect of another engagement with our team. Developing your dream application should be a fun and creative process. Our competitors tend to drag the client deep into the development process. Have you been asked to write pages and pages of time consuming requirements specifications? Creating screen samples and storyboards for a process you're not entirely sure about? Even doing some of the design work and making most of the suggestions? That is what you pay us to do!

That’s why 100% of our clients have always returned to us for their additional work. Don't get fooled by those guys with a bunch of false promises. The number one comment we get back is how fun and engaging our process is and how even though the amount of time they had to dedicate to explaining their concepts was minimal - the end result was exactly what they wanted. Software development doesn’t have to be a laborious, tedious, process. Find out how Falcon makes software fun.  

P.S. for those of you paying attention - 10% discount on your commercial project if you know what movie this is from – “Will somebody please get the kid a happy meal!”  

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